Client Testimonials


Following are a few testimonials from our satisfied clients.


“We have used the cleaning services of Julie Price for over eight years. During that time Julie has done an excellent job in taking care of our home and demonstrated a level of consistent professionalism that is truly rare among service providers.

In the years prior to Julie working for us we had employed over a dozen different cleaning people and Julie is by far and away the absolute best person we have worked with. She is totally trustworthy and is honest. If something is wrong she will bring it to our attention and if she has caused an issue she will immediately own up to it.

One of Julie’s strongest traits is that she truly cares about the quality of the work that she does and the people she works for. She is extremely fair and never takes advantage of her situation.

We totally trust Julie with our home, our pets and our family. She has keys to our house and we never worry about anything when Julie is there. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend Southern Shine Cleaning Services. Julie, the owner, has been cleaning my home for almost eight years. She does an excellent job, she is reliable and above all I trust her with my home.”

Charlotte, NC

“We have had the pleasure of Julie’s help for more than a decade in both our home and our business. She is completely trustworthy, dependable and has always done a great job. We highly recommend her!”

Rusty & Carol
Matthews, NC

“Julie Price is professional, dependable and trustworthy when it comes to the cleaning and care of your home. When I enter my home after work on the day she has been there to clean, it not only looks good it smells wonderful. She is thorough and efficient, but she is also a caring and compassionate person. Julie has been cleaning my home for the past 5 years and in that time I have discovered she is a woman of faith and integrity.”

Charlotte, NC

“Connie and I have used the cleaning service of Julie Price now for several years and she does an excellent job. My business is in the security field so I am very particular about who even comes into my home. I have the utmost respect for Julie as she has proven to be the best in her field. Not only does she do a fabulous job of cleaning my home and office, she leaves the facility as if it were brand new. Julie is the most trustworthy, competent person I have ever dealt with in her profession. Not only do I know when she is done that the place will shine, I never have ANY security concerns with her while she is in my home. I trust her so much, she has keys to my home. I welcome any questions anyone may have regarding her services.”

Charlotte, NC

“Southern Shine is a fantastic company and Julie Price is a consummate cleaning professional. She clearly lays out the services she will provide at the outset of the relationship and follows through to a T. Julie refers to herself as a “house manager” and this is an accurate title. She is reliable and dependable and she keeps my home looking and smelling great! Without Julie’s help, I wouldn’t be able to keep my home in order while juggling work and a family. My husband and I anxiously look forward to her visits each week.”

Charlotte, NC

“Julie has been a godsend. We moved into our home 2 years ago and Julie had taken care of the house for the previous owners. She came highly recommended by them and we have been very pleased.

Julie works quietly and efficiently. She follows directions, but will also take initiative when necessary. Above all, she is very trustworthy. When we are out of town, she comes in to feed our cat, water the plants, take in the mail etc.

My nickname for Julie is the Energizer Bunny, in short, that says it all!”

Charlotte, NC

“Julie Price has been cleaning my home twice a month for over 10 years now. She is an extremely trustworthy individual, always taking care with my personal treasures. We can count on Julie to arrive on time, lock all doors and set the alarm, and have no problem with leaving the house in her care while we are away. She is conscientious about reporting any strangers or oddities that occur under her watch. Julie is friendly, yet professional, and completes her job in a timely manner. I can depend on her to take care of things while I am away.”

Charlotte, NC

“Julie is a true professional who has worked with us for over 2 years. She is dependable, trustworthy, conscientious, and meticulous in all that she does in addition to having a very pleasant personality. We recommend her without qualification.”

Charlotte, NC

“Dear Julie, I can’t thank you enough for your meticulous housekeeping. You simplify my life, gladden my heart and make my house sparkle.”

Charlotte, NC

“Julie has done a great job for me for more than 5 years and counting. She is consistent, reliable and thorough. She’s also very flexible and easy to work with. I highly recommend her services.”

Charlotte, NC

“Julie Price not only does a fantastic job of cleaning, but, more importantly, is absolutely honest and trustworthy. She cleaned our Weddington home for nearly 5 years, and took care of it as if she owned it. I could not recommend her more highly.”

Charlotte, NC

“Trust and commitment are two important values to me. In my 4 year experience with using her service Julie passes the value test with flying colors.”

Charlotte, NC

“When Julie mentioned ‘a spring clean’ to me, I jumped at the prospect! Having my house cleaned from top to bottom, gave Julie a chance to learn it and time to get accomplished what needed to be done. It was money well spent!”

Charlotte, NC

“We highly recommend Southern Shine Cleaning Service. Julie Price is courteous and professional and does a thorough job every week. We can always depend on her to arrive as promised, and complete her work with a cheerful and conscientious attitude.

Julie consistently goes above and beyond what is expected of her. This summer when we were out of town, Julie was asked to come in and clean once a week. Rather than just clean, she assumed full responsibility of overseeing that our home was well cared for and in good repair. Julie went out of her way to do what was needed to ensure that our belongings were treated respectfully by the babysitters and repair men who came to our house while we were away. Julie asked for nothing in return for her extra effort.

Julie is completely trustworthy and honest and we are extremely satisfied with Southern Shine Cleaning Service.”

The Cremisi Family
Charlotte, NC

“We were clients of Julie’s for almost 15 years, and still would be if we hadn’t moved out of state. Julie is extremely reliable and trustworthy. We never had any issues or concerns with Julie having a key to our home, in fact she rescued our house sitter who locked herself out when we were out of town. Nice bonus! If she ever saw anything out of place or unusual, she was quick to let us know. For example, we had a slow dripping leak from the back of our toilet that we had no idea existed. She not only placed a container under the leak to catch it, she called me right away to tell me about it. Also tells me she was thorough in cleaning behind the toilet! It was always so wonderful to come home to a clean and fresh smelling home. If there was ever anything that needed special attention or was missed on a previous visit, all I had to do was mention it and it was taken care of. Lastly, I will say that Julie is GREAT with animals. We had been clients for about 4 years already when we adopted a dog…Woody was always loved and treated like a king by Julie. They had a routine down…when to get out of the way and when the treats would come. As Woody got older, I always felt so comfortable knowing that Julie is one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met…she was absolutely wonderful with him. That meant as much to us as her fine housekeeping skills, as he was truly a member of our family. If we ever move back to Charlotte, Julie will be one of the first phone calls we make!!”

Jenny and Greg
Charlotte, NC

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